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Abaca Products

Aside from Piņa, Abaca abounds in Aklan. Innovations were made out of this fabric to suit’ the demanding supply of the fashion market. Dyed abaca cloths are made into place mats. bags, wall decors, fans, etc.

Piña Cloth Weaving

Beyond Boracay and the Ati­atihan, one can also find a dream possession in the province - the Piña cloth, considered as the ”Queen of the Philippine Fabrics,” and other fineries made from it. The Piña cloth is considered a prime produce of Kalibo, weaved from its unique crude wooden or bamboo handloom that changed little from eight centuries ago.

Pot Making in Lezo

Lezo, one of the 17 municipalities of Aklan, is known for its red clay, which the natives use to make pots, vases and various novelty items. The people of Lezo have a means of livelihood because of the abundant supply of red clay provided by nature.

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