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Municipality of Kalibo
Bakhawan Eco-Tourism

Aside from Ati-atihan, other places of interest in Kalibo is the Bakhawan Eco-Park, dubbed as the Philippines most successful mangrove reforestation project and the Kalibo Museum which serves as a repository of the town's history and heritage1.

Located particularly in New Buswang, the Bakhawan Eco-Park is an eco-tourism project between the community, NGOs and its local government. Covering a 106 hectares, the mangroves has taken it's spot as one of the most visited places in kalibo not only by locals but also by foreign communities who's advocay aligned with reforestation and environmentalist.

Kalibo Quick Facts:

  • Region: Western Visayas Region (Region IV)
  • District: Lone District
  • Barangays: 16
  • Income Class: First Class; urban
  • Tourism Contact: MS. ROSELLE Q. RUIZ
    Supervising Tourism Operations Officer
    Economic Enterprise Development Department
    Tourism Division - Tel. No. 2624692
  • 1 "Kalibo,Aklan",