Municipality of Batan, Aklan
The Place of Datu Kalantiaw

One of the cradle of civilization during the pre- Spanish period and the seat of Datu Kalantiaw’s government where the famous Kalantiaw Code was promulgated, the historic town of Batan is blessed with rich natural resources and scenic spots . Among its tourism attractions are the Tinago Lake (Tinagong Dagat) and mangrove reforestation near Barangay Tabon and Ipil, Ob-Ob Hill in Barangay Sungculan, Municipal Fish Sanctuary in Barangay Mambuqiao, Macawiwili Mountain in Barangay Lalab and Angas “Puting Bato” a protected area for wildlife in Barangay Angas. Likewise, relics of colonization such as the Spanish Canon and Distillery had also been preserved.

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